Hebbia07.08.24George Sivulka

Hebbia raises $130M Series B led by a16z

Our next chapter defining the future of useful AI.

AI was supposed to change the way that people work.

So far, that promise has fallen short.

Hebbia has raised a $130M Series B from Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Google Ventures, and Peter Thiel to deliver on that promise.

There have been 7 major technological revolutions in human history: fire, agriculture, the wheel, repeatable manufacturing, electricity, the internet, and AI.

Alongside each — a product is what really drove change. Fire became useful with torches. Wheels became powerful with the chariot.

AI is undoubtedly the most important technology of our lives. But technology doesn’t drive revolutions — products do.

Hebbia is building the human layer — the product layer — to AI.

We believe AI should be more than a transactional chatbot — it should be able to work like a human.

We’ve built AI that works the way you work, and a new interface that shows its work.

Designed for the knowledge worker, Hebbia lets you instruct AI agents to complete tasks exactly the way you do them — no task too complex, no dataset too large, and with full flexibility and transparency of a spreadsheet (or a human analyst!).

I’m excited for a world of unbound progress — one where AI agents contribute more to global GDP than every human employee. I believe that Hebbia is going to get us there.

Hebbia is already deployed at scale at the world’s leading asset managers, law firms, banks and Fortune 100 companies.

Our customers have already redefined how they work — creating analyses in Hebbia that were never before possible:

  • During the SVB crisis, asset managers instantly mapped exposure to regional banks across millions of documents

  • While filing proxy attacks, activist investors found inconsistencies across more 8Ks than humans alone could process

  • Corporate lawyers gained a negotiation edge by quantifiably encapsulating “market” terms in real time

  • And thousands of ad hoc AI agents priced private assets more effectively, ran new kinds of diligence, screened more opportunities, and more…

Financial markets and professional services are not ready for massive disruption that is coming. If you want to be on the forefront of that change — come demo the future.

I’m incredibly proud of the Hebbia team. Over the last 18 months, we grew revenue 15X, quintupled headcount, drove over 2% of OpenAI’s daily volume, and laid the groundwork for customers to redefine how they work.

But I’m even more proud of the mission we wake up every day to tackle: At Hebbia, we believe we’re building the most important software product of the next 100 years. We’re not settling for anything less.

If you want to dream that dream, if you long to build human-centric AI, come work with us.

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