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“With Hebbia, I am able to transform mountains of information into insights with ease”
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Enterprise Security

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Synthesizes volumes of information into clear, actionable insight
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Automates their quarterly earnings review
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IC Memo Deal Library

Benchmark future deals vs past ones; democratize learnings from prior work.

Research Synthesis

Gain insight from consulting reports, market studies, and broker research.

Drafting IMs

Generate a first draft of an IM based on a CIM and other key documents from VDR.

Comps Tracking

Derive learnings from comparable companies filings & calls.


Scan company lists, preliminary reports, and company websites to understand fit with your fund.

Due Diligence

Surface answers to key diligence questions across dataroom materials.


Streamline quarterly reporting process.

1000+ other use cases

Precedent Transactions

Pull relevant data & commentary across data sources.

Activist Trends

Synthesize activist tactics and outcomes across campaigns.

Earnings Analysis

Extract guidance, questions management struggled to answer and more.

Build a CIM

Create outline of CIM commentary based on sell-side documents.

Ramp on an Opportunity

Synthesize any public information on a client or market.

Fee Runs

Analyze fees on transactions and bidding dynamics instantly.

Create Company Profiles

Build company profiles leveraging public and private data sources.

1000+ other use cases

M&A Deal Points

Extract and compare key M&A provisions to gain the negotiation edge.

Corporate Due Diligence

Identify red flags across a full suite of contracts and other legal documents.

Patent Portfolio

Synthesize and query a full patent portfolio – no matter its size or complexity.

Litigation Depositions

Summarize key points and flag inconsistencies among hundreds of depos.

Regulatory Review

Automate assessment of evolving regulatory landscape on existing operations and contracts.

Commercial Contracts

Operationalize playbooks via automated analysis of customer and vendor contracts.

LPA and Side Letters

Track effective terms for fund investments.

1000+ other use cases

New Opportunity Screening

Draft a one pager from marketing materials (CIM, LP).

Earnings Updates

Automate drafts of earnings flash notes for portfolio names.

Credit Agreements Library

Summarize key terms and benchmark vs proprietary deal database.

Portfolio Review Monitoring

Identify weakest points across portfolio over time.

Comps Tracking

Derive learnings from comparable companies filings & calls.

IC Memo Deal Library

Benchmark future deals vs past ones; democratize learnings from prior work.

CLO Indenture Analysis

Compare eligibility criteria and concentration limits across issuers.

1000+ other use cases

Valuation Analysis

Extract valuation, tenacy, vacancy, and other key indicators from valuation reports on a property.

Sale Contracts

Understand context around sales and extract information including property details, purchase price, payment terms, and closing dates.

Lease Abstraction

Review lease agreements and enable continuous compliance monitoring.

Rent Roll

Extract and standardize rent roll documents.

Offering Memorandums (RE)

Analyze property details across OMs.

Market Reports

Synthesize location-specific metrics for more complete benchmarking.

Loan Documentation

Redline loan terms & understand precedent for better negotiation.

1000+ other use cases

Customer Contract Analysis

Synthesize key contract terms and understand non-standard provisions instantly.

Corporate Development

Support team in assessing new opportunities.

RFP Management

Compare bids and terms across RFPs.

Supplier Spec Analysis

Identify specifications required and analyze ability to deliver.

Resume Screening

Extract data from resumes such as GPA, extracurriculars and education.

Corporate Finance

Support finance team across workflows including reporting, auditing and more.

Customer Feedback

Aggregate pain points surfaced by customers.

1000+ other use cases

Due Dilligence

Extract and synthesize information based on diverse document inputs.

Market Report Drafting

Generate first drafts of market report based on disparate workstreams.

Expert Call Synthesis

Synthesize key takeaways from expert call transcripts or notes.

Knowledge Library

Democratize learnings from prior work and quickly search knowledge base.

Sentiment Analysis

Evaluate sentiment across documents and call transcripts to provide actionable insight.

Product Reviews

Aggregate key product feedback across sources including ProductHunt & G2.

SWOT Analysis

Assess an opportunity leveraging the SWOT framework.

1000+ other use cases

“Hebbia’s capabilities allow Charlesbank to deepen our market insights and drive efficiency and innovation throughout our investment process.”
Matthew Jacobson
Managing Director
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